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A film maker's land of opportunity

The Navajo Tribal membership is estimated to be approximately 200,000.

The NAVAJOLAND base is 25,000 square miles covering a large portion of Arizona, a part of New Mexico and a small section of Utah.

The topography of the territory includes mountain peaks which reach elevations of 8,000 to 10,000 feet and desert valleys where the elevation may be as low as 4,000 feet.

The climate of the region varies according to topography, but is generally cool and arid.

Navajo Nation, has it all. Wide open spaces with inviting mountains and breath taking sunsets.

Additionally, we'll assist you in finding the perfect location as your Location Scout.

And we we'll make certain your stay is both pleasant and productive.

Contact the Navajo Film Office

[email protected]

(928) 871-7826


Shot on Navajo Nation Locations

Film Productions

Contact Canyon De Chelly, 1997
Independence Day Little Colorado Gorge, 1996
Forest Gump Monument Valley, 1995
Broken Arrow Little Colorado Gorge, 1995
Back To The Future III  
The Dark Wind 1990
National Lampoon's Vacation  
The Legend of the Lone Ranger 1980
The Trial of Billy Jack 1973
How the West Was Won 1962
My Darling Clementine 1946

Commercials/Print Ads

Marlboro Ford
Levis Mazda/Navajo
Neiman Marcus Toyota/Lexus
Cannon Foreign Productions
Konica "lo Donna" - Italy
Kodak "Be Pal" - Japan
Chevrolet/GMC "Marufuku" - Japan
  Union Bank of Switzerland

Services and Facilities

Remote landing strips  
Cattle Ranches  
Historic Sites and Buildings  
Indian Tribes  
Cultural/Traditional or Ceremonial Dress  
Film/Photography Permits  

The Navajo Nation Film Office

The Film Office is located in Window Rock, Arizona, the capitol of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation Film Office was established in 1974 to issue filming and photography permits, and to evaluate any material that depicts the Navajo culture to ensure accuracy of the content.

The most popular areas on the Navajo Nation are Chinle, AZ, Window Rock, AZ, Hwy 163 in Monument Vally and Shiprock, NM.


Navajo Talent Program Navajo Talent Program

     Under Construction

Navajo Acting and Film Workshops


 Permits   Approval & Issuance of Commercial Film/Video, Photography permit throughout the Navajo Nation, excluding Parks & Recreations.
Revenue   Generate revenue for the Navajo Nation & Navajo Nation Tax
Services   To provide televison, film and media production services on the Navajo Nation (i.e., location management, guides, models, actors, caterers, crew and etc.) 
Jobs   All Job Annoucements will be posted on the Navajo Nation's Department of Personnel Website (Job Vacancy Annoucement)
Partnerships   Collaboration and partnership with programs such as Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation, National Park Services, Film Office of New Mexico & Arizona, Gallup Film Offices, Rangers Program, Land Department, BIA Land Management, DPS, Highway Safety, Dine' Cultural & Language Preservation Program, film producers, Navajo Tourism and any proposed external entities.
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